Ryan Higa Imagines Poke’mon as a HORROR MOVIE and It is CHILLING

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YouTuber Ryan Higa (Nigahiga on YouTube) has outdone himself in his latest super produced trailer for a video game, by imagining what Poke’mon would be like… as a horror movie. The perfect thing for the Poke’mon fan and person who didn’t think that hard about what captured little monsters must feel like until it was much much too late. The trailer gives us a tight heartbreaking story complete with emotional stakes, super science gone wrong, and the most haunting Nurse Joy and heartbreaking Pikachu you’ve ever seen. Check it out below.

It’s always been a bit of a mystery as to how Poke’mon feel about battling — or anything. We know Cubone wears its mother’s skull, we know that whatever is under Mimikyu’s shroud is truly terrifying, but what do we know about how the Poke’mon think or feel or act or whatnot. How do they feel being in a Poke’ball? How do they feel being trained to fight? Well, Higa’s short film covers that and more.

In the movie the true monster is Ash Ketchum, the famed Poke’mon trainer from the anime who captures Pikachu after destroying his mother’s home. Pikachu is unprepared when his first opponent is Charizard, a Poke’mon sadly used to the hell life that their trainers have set them into. Pikachu dies, only to be revived by Nurse Joy, almost a soulless automaton here with a smile to make sure that the Poke’mon feel properly happy before they’re sent into the universe to battle again.

And Pikachu battles, he’s changed, until one event that we won’t spoil here… pushes him too far…

Higa’s trailer is great. Great for people waiting at long last for the live action Poke’mon movie, great for those who need a little bit of weird horror, and much much better than the usual “what if nostalgia was creepy” videos that come up in this post Newgrounds world since, honestly, there is nothing really even edited that much here. This is what is in the game. The Poke’mon can’t really talk, and viewed from the eyes of the oppressors, of course the oppressed’s problems seem just fine.

Pika pika!


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