Sarah Palin, Joe Arpaio, Ted Koppell, Roy Moore and Joe Walsh are just a few of the figures who have come forward claiming they were ricked by a make up slathered Sacha Baron Cohen for his new show

Last time we wrote about Sacha Baron Cohen it was about him dropping a video hinting that he may or may not begin messing with Donald Trump. A few days later we found out that his new show, “Who Is America” will be airing on Showtime in just a few days! Wow! A teaser where he asks Dick Cheney to sign a water boarding kit ended up promoting the show, and we knew the guy did not come to mess around.

However, what we didn’t know is JUST how many people he messed with — particularly on the right. Vulture had an excellent round up: A murderer’s row of disgraced torturers, sex criminals, and just awful blowhards came out of the woodwork to say — folks, we got pranked.

Sarah Palin came first, claiming that Sacha Baron Cohen tricked her at a Pro Israeli conference into believing she was speaking to a war veteran and DEMANDING an apology! Baron, very much not letting this kind of weird bad faith argument slow him down, issued a letter as his character, Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, PhD, demanding an apology from HER, saying he never said he’s a veteran, just that he parti of the “service” as part of “United Parcel” and that the only time he’s ever served is when he shot a Mexican. The letter is insane, check it out below.

It’s incredible just how much work Sacha Baron Cohen put into the comedy bit, creating a very believable website for Billy Wayne Ruddick, in that it looked like a fringe lunatic kind of affair. Boy oh boy. By making it look unprofessional, it was enough to make it look just that. As Borat would say… “I can’t believe I have tricked the populace at large with my blatant clownery. This is… very nice, if I don’t say so myself.”

Up next Joe Walsh straight up chronicled him being goofed on through Tweets, trying to frame it as some injustice that was heaped upon him when really it seems… all quite funny. He also repeats the line about Cohen dressing up as a veteran, and I believe this might be the only time Joe Walsh has believed women. Let’s check it out.

So Joe Walsh was asked how children should defend against terrorist attacks. Fantastic, as is the “70 at 70” joke on the award, a play on 40 under 40.

Joe Walsh, if you think being pranked sucks, imagine how being an immigrant in the Donald Trump administration must feel. All the racists blowhards born in this country making innocent peoples’ lives all the worse. Frankly, all you guys are getting off easy.

Roy Moore also got the Sacha Baron Cohen, and had the temerity to call the entire thing an attack on his character, saying:

Again, this is serial sex criminal Roy Moore, thinking being tricked by a comedian is the most embarrassing he’s ever looked.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the man who impelemented racial profiling in Arizona and whose prisons were compared to concentration camps (who was indicted and ready to go to prison until Trump, in an act of what may only be described as trolling the libs at the expense of the country, pardoned him), also got pranked by Baron Cohen. Again, given his crimes against human beings, he really should not expected a lot of sympathy for being tricked. In the bit, Cohen played a Finnish comedian. Said Arpaio to Breibart:

“He came up with certain words which were hard for me to hear,” Arpaio said, including “blowjob” and “talking about people working for” a “hand job.” So I started getting a little pissed,” he said. Cohen also mentioned “golden shower,” Arpaio stated. Arpaio’s typed notes to document some of those words [sic]. I felt uncomfortable with some of the words they were using but I had to live through it. I am not the type of guy who gets up and walks out. I never walked out in thousands of interviews. I just take it.”

Wait, THAT’S what made this guy uncomfortable? A bunch of bad words? Ugh.

The rest of Sacha Baron Cohen’s participants so far have been mostly good sports about it, and they haven’t all been from the right. There was Ted Koppell, who recalled an interview where Baron Cohen came out with an oxygen tank and claimed that the sun eclipsed the moon, causing Koppell to cut the interview short. There was additionally Austin Rhodes, a Georgia based talk radio host who seemed star struck by the whole thing and interviewed Baron Cohen as a left leaning gender studies professor who called Dukes of Hazards the white Roots, and congressman Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz was also invited to the Israeli conference, but claims he was catching on quickly to Cohen’s strategies, and he certainly seems to be aware of what they were, saying:

“I recall he would ask these questions and I would give answers and then he would just sit there, kind of like hoping for some advance of the moment. But I have a very high tolerance for awkward moments. And so there were moments where we just sat there staring at each other… There were points in the interview where he wanted me to like hold up images of weapons systems and endorse those weapons systems. And I said, I would not do that, of course. I don’t know these weapons systems, I’m not going to talk about them.”

Well, we’ll see what that interview goes like, folks! I believe in you, Cohen!

Very nice!!!

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