Saga Over Fired Chiptole Manager Not What It Seems

After a Chipotle manager was fired over a viral video of her trying to make two black men pay before getting their meal, it turned out the men were serial dine and dashers.
By Alex Firer

Augh. This story is a weird one, so I’ll just try to deliver the facts with a minimum of cringing. A video was taken at Chipotle of a manage who, on the face of things, did not seem particularly great. It was a manager who seemed to be attempting to make two black customers pay before eating their food. It was like– look, it didn’t seem great, right? It seemed like the kind of revelation we’ve seen in our society as of late such as BBQ Becky and the student who called the police on a black Yale student for taking a nap in the common room. We’re going to have another story like this later too, someone getting the police called on them for having their feet on their desk. So again, this seemed like another story in the certifiable trend of terrified white people trying to ruin the lives of black people doing literally nothing (such as waiting in a Starbucks. Remember that one? That was a bad one, folks.)

So again, the video below seemed to show a racist situation where a manager was demanding black people pay before they eat. (Also– my one bit of editorializing… I feel like I’ve never been to a Chipotle that has you pay after the meal? I don’t know how they do things in St. Paul…) Check out the video below.

Except… well. It turns out the guys in the video are serial dine and dashers. Which we know because they bragged about it on Twitter. The same Twitter feed where they originally posted the video. This put Chipotle in a complicated position because, thinking they saw a racist situation, they fired the manager.

But… well… the Tweets from the original account don’t lie.

Realizing they may have made a mistake, and sided with dine and dashers trying to punish someone for not letting them dine and dash, Chipotle has announced they plan to look into this, and rehire the manager to do the right thing.

Boy, I tell ya, it’s tough to be the massive social media arm of a mass corporation these days! You just want to do the right thing! What is the right thing, you cry to the Heavens, what!?!?!

Well, honestly, I hope the manager gets a big fat bonus. I used to work as an usher at a theater, do you know how hard it is to deal with toxic customers? Yeesh.

All of this is ridiculous.

Still, it’s important to remember that even though this one incident was absolutely stupid, racist treatment in the service industry is still absolutely a thing. Even if this entire situation was bananas in a way that— ehhh. It didn’t have to be!

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