Sasha Obama is not a little girl anymore.

As we approach the end of the 2020 Presidential Race, the two candidates are traveling all over the country in attempts to scramble some last minute votes as the polls show a tight race. Because former Vice President and 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden is fighting to reclaim the White House for the Democrats, former President Barack Obama has been actively campaigning for his friend and former colleague.

While President Obama and the former First Lady Michelle Obama are out on the campaign trail fighting for their fellow Democrats, their daughter Sasha Obama is far from the stress of the upcoming election as she is seen having fun with her friends.

On Sunday morning, Sasha Obama’s friend – TikTok user @cakethatsmg – posted a TikTok of Obama lip syncing to the explicit City Girls song ‘Said Sum’ featuring DaBaby.

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After people realized it was Sasha Obama in the video, Obama was trending on Twitter. But the TikTok was soon taken down – some assuming her parents were the reason.

The video may be deleted from the video-sharing app, but the City Girls will not allow the TikTok of President Obama’s daughter lip syncing to their song be erased, so they decided to share the video with their 2 million Instagram followers.

Sasha Obama Receives Hate

On Twitter, Obama received some hate as people do not believe the former first daughter of the United States should be mouthing curse words on social media.

Twitter Users Defend Sasha Obama

But many were quick to defend Obama as they believe that a 19 year old girl should be allowed to have fun with her friends – just like everyone else on TikTok.

As justification for Sasha Obama’s innocence, some Twitter users are comparing the severity of the things they did as a teenager compared to Obama’s lip syncing to an explicit song.

Although Obama did receive some hate, most are showing their love for the TikTok as they enjoyed seeing Sasha Obama all grown up and living a semi-normal life.

One Twitter user jokingly posted a GIF of Michelle Obama behind the camera bobbing her head to the City Girls song along with Sasha.

Sasha Obama Has Made Other TikToks

This TikTok may be a shock to many, but this is not Obama’s first TikTok as her friend has posted multiple videos with her high profile friend in the past – now deleted too– but people were initially skeptical if it was actually the former first daughter in the previous videos.

After seeing these TikToks, many are complimenting Obama’s style as it is a contrast to the conservative outfits they would see her wear at the White House.

Her TikToks also sparked some to develop a crush on the former first daughter.

Young TikTokers Who Have Also Used the City Girls Song

While some may think it is inappropriate for 19 year old Sasha Obama to be lip syncing to this song, there are many prominent TikTokers who are younger than Obama who have lip synced to this song – and many other explicit songs – such as Mackenize Ziegler, Cynthia Parker, and Sissy Sheridan.


we some city girls 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ @tacodaaa

♬ Said Sum – Remix – Moneybagg Yo, City Girls, DaBaby


hopped on the trend late

♬ Said Sum – Remix – Moneybagg Yo, City Girls, DaBaby


see how easy it is to skip a word😙

♬ Said Sum – Remix – Moneybagg Yo, City Girls, DaBaby

What Are the Former First Daughters Up to Today?

Even though Sasha and Malia Obama are prone to the spotlight due to their parents, it seems like the two former first daughters are trying to live a normal life after leaving the White House as they both are now in college. However, due to the pandemic both Obama daughters were forced to halt their college ventures as Michelle Obama shared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show that her daughters are yearning to return to campus and sick of Zoom University.

Sasha Obama may be a famous figure in American culture, but does that mean she is prohibited from having fun with her friends just like every other American 19 year old girl?