The Inclusivity of Rihanna’s New SavageXFenty Launch Excites Twitter

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While 2020 has been nothing short of a train wreck, something magical came to cure our quarantine blues: Rihanna’s SavageXFenty Volume 2 launch. The lingerie was introduced to the world during her fashion show, which featured top models like Bella Hadid, Normani and Cara Delevingne and Hollywood icons like Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, and Willow Smith. The show brought the heat with performances by Lizzo, Bad Bunny, and plenty others. Just like Rihanna, herself, this launch proved to be nothing short of iconic. Still not imagining the hype? You HAVE to check out the trailer.



Her new line brought new colors and styles to her company, but that was not what had people buzzing. Of course, it was sexy and stylish, but, most importantly, the show was inclusive. On the website, they called the show, “a celebration of individuality and self-expression.” And all we can say is *finally.* Rihanna is known for working to change the beauty industry when she released her foundation that featured one of the largest shade ranges ever, and when she had SavageXFenty lingerie range to plus sizing, but the body positivity that oozed from the event was unmatched. Rihanna and her team did what Victoria’s Secret refused to do: They had models from all gender identities, all different skin tones, and all shapes rocking the lingerie and underwear.

Victoria’s Secret, Who?

In 2018, Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria’s Secret, Ed Razek, claimed that the brand would not consider casting transgender or plus-size models in the Victoria’s Secret Show because he believed the public wouldn’t have any interest in watching the inclusive version.

Well, Fenty threw all of these rules out the window and proved that sex-appeal comes in all forms.

Not only did she have female models of every shape and size, but she even had male models of the same caliber. In a world where toxic masculinity convinces men they have to look a certain way from commercial pressures, it is rare to see man without a six-pack modeling, especially modeling underwear.


Stars Who Stole The Show

This was a star-studded event, to say the very least. But there were certain celebrities that blew everyone away.

Normani was one of them. She served in an all white bridal lingerie look and a veil and Twitter CAN. NOT. GET. ENOUGH.

I mean just look at her: How could she not steal the entire show with that strut?


Paris Hilton also served some looks that deserved a ‘That’s Hot.” She gave us some Barbie energy in a hot pink number and high pony. Very on-brand for the heiress.

And for the men, Big Sean definitely brought the heat and the viewers did not miss a second of his spotlight moment.

Willow Smith, Bella Hadid, and Lizzo are VERY honorable mentions, as well.

New Music

Many fans have been waiting patiently (and not so patiently) for Rihanna to drop a new album. The entrepreneur has not released in album since 2016. Many times she has assured fans she was working on an album, but has yet to drop any new music. It has even encouraged memes about her empty promises.

At the launch, Rihanna sat down with The Associated Press to talk a little bit about the idea of releasing new music. While it was not super informative, it is nice to know that she is in the process of her 9th studio album.

The new line for SavageXFenty is absolutely gorgeous and, most importantly, for everyone. It is not everyday the fashion world opens its doors to inclusivity and body positivity. Hopefully Rihanna’s new line will help other brands realize that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident.

The event is available, exclusively, on  Amazon Prime for viewing.

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