Happy Scorpio season everyone!

Is it just us or has there been a huge spike in astrology and zodiac obsession within the last year? Regardless of whether you’ve noticed that or not, you might have noticed that ‘Scorpio’ was trending on Twitter today. Why, you might ask? That’s right, it’s Scorpio season everyone! So sit back, but don’t get too comfortable because we are all about to go through some serious rebirth! 

Scorpio Season Explained

Scorpio season, also known as the time from October 23 through November 21, is a time of transformation. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, meaning that while this is a deeply emotional sign, they are also stubborn and can hold a grudge. This sign is fiercely loyal, but much like an actual Scorpion, if you cross one, it will not hold back its’ powerful stinger. Those born with their sun sign in Scorpio can be known to be intense, mysterious, brooding, sexual, and determined. 

Above all else, Scorpio season is a time of rebirth and possibly even transformation. This simply means letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you. This time of year is even reflected in nature as the leaves are changing and falling off the trees in many parts of America. 

While lettings go of the things in your life that no longer serve you could look like ending friendships with the toxic people in your life, it shouldn’t be confused with cutting people out just because you are “over them.” In fact, it is quite the opposite. Reflection and making intentional decisions is very important during Scorpio season.

But Scorpio season can bring some adversity as well. Because some of us may be feeling extra sensitive and introspective, we might have a tendency to overthink things right now. This could potentially lead to feeling more introverted than usual. Don’t let any of this turn to paranoia! 

And OF COURSE, in true 2020 fashion, we are experiencing one of the most crazy Presidential elections right as Scorpio season is taking off. 

Psychic astrologer at Keen.com told Refinery29, “the first 12 days of the Scorpio season leading up to the 2020 election will be the most intense period.” Oh good, that’s comforting to know. Not. 

But now is not the time to be making rash decisions. Take time to think everything through, do your own research and make intentional decisions. 

Scorpio Bad Reputation

Despite Scorpio season being all about rebirth and powerful energy, it is probably the most controversial of all the zodiac seasons. Scorpios and Scorpio season just get a really bad rep! The Scorpio-haters were quick to comment on the start of their least favorite season today on Twitter. 

Most people think Scorpios are just a bunch of horny, creepy, and evil people. 

And to be fair, sometimes Scorpios are a little intense. But “Dangerous!?” THIS is why Scorpios have a bad reputation. 

Dangerous couldn’t be further from the truth! They are just misunderstood! 

Scorpios are strong enough to not tolerate mistreatment from anyone. Seems like if they have an attitude, it might be a sign to check the way you are treating them. Oh no, suddenly we’re having elementary school flashbacks of, “treat others as you want to be treated!”

Although, to be fair, Twitter has been seeing a lot of…exclusive, for lack of a better word, Scorpio energy today.

Okay, calm down.

But on the whole, Scorpios are pretty cool. Famous Scorpios include Drake, Matthew McConaughey, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates and Whoopi Goldberg.

How To Survive Scorpio Season 

If you are looking for ways to survive Scorpio season without going into a complete paranoid spiral, we have compiled some excellent resources.

Costar Astrology, one of the most popular astrology apps, says that during Scorpio season we should be embracing endings, not scared of them. Time for everyone to shut those doors no longer serving them so that new, better ones can open! 


Astrology Instagram account Sisters Village stresses the importance of focusing on yourself during this time. Be vulnerable and open with yourself. 


Going off of the idea of being vulnerable with yourself, The Mantra Co. on Instagram encourages everyone to be honest with themselves right now, and forgiving. Scorpio season is the perfect time to give yourself a bit of grace.



Scorpio season is a time of reflection, rebirth and transformation. Hopefully this helped explain a bit about what the hype behind Scorpio season and why everyone hates them so much. Wishing everyone a happy and safe Scorpio season!


Feature image photos by Tania Medina on Unsplash and James Lee on Unsplash