Sephora Teaches Specific How-to Classes for Transgender Community

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Ah, Pride. The best month of the year, where everybody, no matter who they are, can come together and celebrate themselves. Pride teaches self-love and confidence, and that you should feel comfortable in your own body and take pride in being you. However, even though there are many people out there who have achieved this level of self-love, there are still others who have not yet found the right direction to lead them into this mindset.

The LGBTQ community is so strong and supportive, but unfortunately, there are many closed-minded people out there who are unable to see how amazing their community is. However, popular makeup and beauty store, Sephora, are not one of these people and are completely aware of how beautiful the LGBTQ community are, inside and out.

Sephora had noticed that many people of the Transgender community have come in over the years and have asked a plethora of questions about how to apply make-up correctly, which type of makeup is best for them and about the best skincare. Due to this, Sephora decided to launch a class, that specializes in teaching those of the transgender community about everything there is to know about make-up and beauty. For many, feeling comfortable in your own skin is difficult, but with the right help, make-up can transform you into the person you really are, and with that self-love and confidence can begin to grow.

The Bold Beauty class was launched during Pride Month this year and was taught for free in over 180 US Sephora locations. Sephora aimed to create a safe environment, where all their questions could be answered, while still learning all the skills and different techniques of makeup artistry so that they are able to achieve Van Gogh level art on themselves. Also, the fact that Sephora wasn’t looking for any financial gain from this, shows how genuinely supportive they are of the LGBTQ community, and how they just want people to feel happy and proud of who they are. Sephora managed to achieve this, and the classes were a huge success. People all across the US came into the store to learn about the art of make-up and left looking absolutely amazing and extremely happy…


This made our hearts melt, and our eyes tear up with joy and it seems we’re not the only ones, as everybody on Twitter have said how extremely happy they are for these beautiful people and how amazing Sephora is for hosting these classes.


We hope that other companies can learn from this and can do all they can to show their support for others. It doesn’t take a lot to make somebody feel accepted, and Sephora has taught an important lesson of kindness.

Do you reckon these beauty queens are pride ready? Do you think Sephora has taught us all an important lesson? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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