Amidst controversial changes on the platform, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki may address concerns head on in direct interview with top creator Shane Dawson.

Shane Dawson called out YouTube and now the CEO is responding. Shane Dawson is back in action working on his next series with Jeffree Star .after releasing a successful 2-part conspiracy series that sucked viewers in and created some drama with Chuck E Cheese.

And as Shane continues to release hit after hit, he might finally be going where no creator has gone before…

Inside the mind of corporate YouTube…

Shane Dawson has pioneered a new form of youtube content with documentary-style investigative series, deep-diving into the lives of controversial YouTubers and peeling back the curtain to learn exactly what is going on behind the scenes.

And one place where NOBODY knows what’s going on behind the scenes… YouTube.

Shane tweeted “i wish the trending page on youtube was real. every time i wanna see what’s going viral i never know where to look. im not trying to be shady it just geninuinley annoys me that there’s nowhere to see what’s actually trending. anyone else feel that way? am i alone here? Haha”

Jaden said “make shane the YouTube CEO”

 To which Shane responded “i’m not trying to come for @SusanWojcicki’s gig! but if she ever wants to have a tea session about stuff like this i’m always down hahaha”

And Susan RESPONDED! She tweeted “Hey @shanedawson, how does next month sound? ️”

Shane, like many YouTubers, has a love hate relationship with the platform, which is constantly evolving and changing its algorithm, rules and regulations.

The platform even recently announced videos could now be demonetized based on their comments section.

And for someone who is considered an OG of YouTube, he wasn’t even included in YouTube Rewind, which featured nearly every other top creator on the platform.

So what’s going on behind the scenes at YouTube corporate? And for a site that is completely reliant on independent creators for its financial gain, are their decisions really what’s best for its ecosystem?

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