The Internet saw the incredible reaction of Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James to his teammate, JR Smith, after he messed up what looked like an easy shot, and the Internet could definitely relate.


You know that feeling you have when you think there’s this shared language of common sense, and someone just goes and defies it? You stare at them shocked, your arms thrown asunder as you go “dude, what are you doing?!” That is the feeling the Internet had when they saw the incredible reaction of LeBron James to his teammate JR Smith after he messed up what looked like an easy shot for a winning game. LeBron James was absolutely confounded by his teammate and Internet could definitely relate.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were all set to win a tight game against the Warriors when JR Smith, feet away from the basket, got the ball with seconds on the clock and proceeded to dribble it towards the three-point line. Well, the Cavaliers ended up losing the game in overtime in what could have been a beautiful victory. Check out the footage here.

Poor JR Smith. What the heck?!

JR Smith’s explanation can be seen mouthing that he thought they were ahead, but then he seemed to admit that he knew they were tied. Either way, it was a confusing play — one that got folks to very much relate to LeBron’s confused face. The internet, those adorers of the still image and schadenfreude in equal measure, loved the photo and used it to express anytime they were just absolutely shocked by their friend’s and/or loved one’s lack of simple common sense. From everything from how you use your scooter, how you walk in public, to even the act of posting memes online were all expressed beautifully through the shocked face of LeBron James. Here are some of our favorites.

The shocked face of LeBron James joins some of our other favorite memes from the past few days to get into a complete all meme language that will, with any luck, someday replace English (with any luck)! We’ve had the “Is This A Pigeon” meme, we’ve had the Evil Patrick Meme and of course… we’ve had that meme where everyone disappears like Spider-Man in Infinity War. 

All memes are glorious, but only one meme has LeBron James. Therefore, I hereby declare this the best meme. Huzzah!

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