Singing Cellino and Barnes Commercial Jingle is Instagram’s Silliest Challenge

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A television jingle has inspired a new singing challenge that’s sweeping Instagram. Personal injury attorneys Cellino and Barnes have offices throughout New York and California, and anyone who’s ever seen their commercials, at some point, has probably had their jingle stuck in their head.

It’s as ubiquitous as the jingles for Empire Mattress or The General, and now, thanks to Broadway singer and actress Molly Hager, we have the Cellino and Barnes Challenge.
Hager challenged some of her famous friends to join in, and they haven’t disappointed.

The challenge has made its way around most of Broadway, with stars from a variety of musical productions taking part, and some of those challenged have some interesting interpretations of the jingle.


Obviously, the actual Cellino & Barnes firm is loving this, posting about it on their Twitter and Instagram, and encouraging others to take the challenge. But, what’s especially weird about this, considering how tied together those two names are, is that Cellino & Barnes apparently really hate each other.

They’ve been tied up in an ongoing legal battle since May 2017, when Ross Cellino sued Stephen Barnes in an attempt to dissolve the firm. Cellino said there was significant disagreement about how to run the business and he wanted to go their separate ways, but Barnes has been fighting this in court, trying to keep everything together.

Barnes owned all the Cellino & Barnes offices in California, so he agreed to rename those just “The Barnes Firm.” They have commercials too, but the jingle doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

It got so bad that Cellino allegedly threatened to burn the law firm to the ground, Barnes took out a restraining order on Cellino, and Cellino insulted Barnes’s name, saying “no one ever calls their motorcycle a Davidson.”


But enough about that. The Challenge is fun!

The jingle’s original composter, John Michael Adamo, did a new honky-tonk version on piano for the challenge.

And Taran Killam’s is probably the creepiest.

-Maybe this challenge is just what it’ll take to get these two longtime friends to bury the hatchet, and just to show how time is a flat circle when it comes to challenges, here are Cellino & Barnes, in better days, taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

-Do you think the challenge will smooth things over for Cellino and Barnes? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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