SNL’s Kenan Opens Up About Kanye Fiasco

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Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson is a professional. From his start on Nickelodeon’s Kenan and Kel in the 90’s, and its Saturday Night Live inspired kids sketch show, All That, Kenan then went on to work on SNL in 2003, and has been there for the last fifteen seasons. I say that just to point out… Kenan Thompson knows a trap when he sees one. When Kanye invited the crew backstage to partake in him calling them bullies, dressing down the show, expressing his love for child imprisoner President Donald Trump, Kenan decided to sit that one out, and discussed that with Seth Meyers on Late Night, as seen in the clip below.

“I don’t know if that’s necessarily the moment to hold people hostage like that”, said Kenan of the Kanye appearance, and tells Seth Meyers that he “departed”, mainly because he wanted to see the performance as the viewer, but also points out that when Kanye called the cast on stage he said “there goes the little cheese in the mouse trap”. He knew the trap was coming! Kenan also mentioned how bad he felt about the cast having to stand there and be held hostage by Kanye West’s weirdness, because it’s up to the cast to make the host happy! And what will make the host happy here? Being a big weirdo, that’s what!


The rest of the interview is delightful as well. Kenan shares a photo of his new baby daughter (awww!), talks about losing to Henry Winkler, who he describes as one of the sweetest people he’s known in his long show biz life (he calls him a sweet little Jewish gumdrop, and talks about a thank you note he got from the star), and he shows off his really quite lovely Quincy Jones impression, which you can watch below. Here’s hoping it makes it to the show!

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