Sony Drops R. Kelly In Light Of… You Know

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The R. Kelly documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, has dropped a lot of troubling questions. Amongst those were how did R. Kelly get away with this for so long? What are out next steps in terms of getting justice for his victims? And, most strangely of all, why is he still signed on to Sony!? He doesn’t even release new music, really. Not in a way that justifies keeping a man accused of countless of acts of rape and pedophilia on contract. Well, earlier today Sony very quietly parted ways with Kelly in a manner that won’t be given much publicity from Sony, but is getting a lot of mainstream press, removing R. Kelly from the RCA Records website, according to Variety, on a list which shows which artists the label is representing.

RCA and Sony have been R. Kelly’s label for his entire solo career — through his child pornography court case, during which he was acquitted in part because the victim refused to take the stand, and according to a juror who spoke out, because of the jury’s straight up misogyny (the juror “didn’t like the way the girl looked” apparently). This is a massive blow to R. Kelly who, before this, was made to think he’s untouchable for his countless crimes by the many sycophants, corporations, and straight up super creeps who are enabling him. This consequence is one of many, the most damning being an open criminal investigation against the artist in Georgia.

What do you think of Sony dropping R. Kelly? Is it too late? Do you think anyone would dare to pick up an artist who just starred in a six part documentary about how he rapes children, or is there some dignity to the world out there? Like, a shred? Anyway, tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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