Kina Grannis Hits One Million | #WebCrushWednesday

  • Message From Your Heart – Kina Grannis Original

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    Our web crush this week is someone you’ve probably seen before, as she’s coming up on her 7th year on YouTube. Well, that and the fact that her career both on and off YouTube started with using the power of internet and social media to crash the Super Bowl. In fact, her presence on social media and the fan service that she provides there is enough for Kina Grannis to be our and everyone else’s Web Crush any week.

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    Kina has one of the most impressive amount of tweets we’ve ever seen! The bulk of those tweets? Replies to her fans! Whether she’s doing a #kgchat while working the elliptical, or celebrating a new video or album release, Kina always makes sure to recognize the fans that support her.

    Speaking of fan service, it was only recently that Kina had to start selling tickets for meet and greet opportunities at her shows. Until then, Kina spent hours after her shows meeting all of her fans and taking photos. When Kina would perform free shows in Lake Forest to celebrate the area where she grew up, lines to meet Kina after her set would almost wrap around the block!

    Kina has always appreciated and recognized the efforts of her biggest fans. When Kina was just starting out, she actually had a show scheduled at Cal-State Fullerton that was cancelled last minute. Knowing that the show was probably canceled too late for people to find out before they made their drive out to Fullerton, Kina was there waiting outside the venue she was supposed to play and apologized to people planning on attending her show for the inconvenience. (Story courtesy of Dhruv Patel)

  • Kina Grannis and Landon Austin Play “Waitin”‘

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    Kina recognized the power of collaboration online early on. Here’s a video of Kina and Landon Austin (who also continued with posting videos to YouTube) performing Landon’s original song “Waitin’.” The two performed this when they were both top 3 finalists for Doritio’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, which Grannis actually won.

    This is one of many, many collaborations with other artists that Kina has done. Check out some of our favorites:

  • This Christmas ft. Kina Grannis

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  • Stay With Me (Sam Smith) / Best I Ever Had (Drake) – Cover by Kina Grannis & Hoodie Allen

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  • Dear River – Kina Grannis (Official Lyric Video)

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    Here’s one featuring What’s Trending’s own, Shira Lazar!

  • The Last

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    Kina has also found ways to collaborate beyond music. Check out Kina’s acting skills in this Wong Fu Productions short titled “The Last,” where Kina plays opposite of Glee’s Harry Shum Jr.

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    Over the past weekend, Kina’s YouTube channel surpassed 1 million subscribers! Congrats, Kina! We’re so excited to support you in all your endeavors.

    To buy Kina’s latest studio album “Elements” and to get tickets to see Kina on tour, visit