YouTubers Reveal Their Secrets on AskReddit

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  • Redditors are a cross-section of the world. There are millions or Redditors of all races, religions and cultures. Anyone with Internet access can be a Redditor, and you never know what fascinating person could be on the other end of that comment.

    Or…Reddit could just be filled with a bunch of pimply 19-year-olds named Kevin.

    At any rate, r/AskReddit can reveal fantastic stories from people with experiences different than your own, which is why user laiktail asked the subreddit yesterday, “YouTubers with over 100,000 subscribers – what’s your story?”

    Wouldn’t you know it, plenty of YouTubers were just lurking around on Sunday, ready to offer up some answers. Here are some of our favorites:

    Nice Peter from Epic Rap Battles of History: “I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, surrounded by other people active and popular on Youtube to learn from and collaborate with. I was also lucky to have failed enough times to realize I didn’t know anything, and so I should probably be quiet and learn.”

    SethBling: “I have about 2 million subscribers. Like everyone else I know who’s had any sort of success on YouTube, it started out as a hobby with no grand intentions. I saw some smart videos on /r/MinecraftInventions and thought that I’d give it a go. I made my first video and posted it to /r/MinecraftInventions and /r/Minecraft, and it got plenty of attention despite the atrocrious quality.”

    Josh Katz: “I started a skateboarding youtube channel back in 06 when I was 11. I was using one of those awful aipteks and I was just a beginner skateboarder. I obviously wasn’t the best skater, but I posted consistently documenting my progress, and things worked out. I’ve never had a viral hit, so my growth has always been gradual. I actually got partnered (back when it was still exciting) when I was 12, still not legally old enough to be on YouTube. So I had to submit my application using my mom’s credentials haha.”

    Chilled Chaos: “Lack of a social life… Looking for way to express creativity…and A small penis. 900k+ subs later Still Lack of a social life…found a way to express creativity…and….well…/sigh”