The 7 Best Gifs of Actor Gabriel Byrne

  • Gabriel Byrne in ‘Miller’s Crossing’

    Byrne 1

    One of his most iconic roles, Byrne plays Tom Regan in the Coen brothers’ gangster film. He’d never be seen without his hat, and in this gif, he makes sure it fits firmly on his head.

  • Gabriel Byrne in ‘The Usual Suspects’

    Byrne 2

    Here’s Byrne getting socked in the face after talking back to the cops questioning him about a stolen truck in The Usual Suspects. (Easter Egg: One of the cops questioning Byrne is the film’s screenwriter, Christopher McQuarrie!)

  • Gabriel Byrne in ‘The Man In The Iron Mask’

    Tumblr m55l7al9c51qg4blro1 500

    Wait, I thought he was one of the Three Musketeers. No, the one with Oliver Platt. He wasn’t in that one? Oh, I see. He’s D’Artagnan, who was played by Chris O’Donnell in that weird live action Disney Three Musketeers with Kiefer Sutherland. Man, that was weird. I should watch that again and see if it’s any good. But, I guess Gabriel Byrne isn’t in it, so that’s lame.

  • Gabriel Byrne in ‘End of Days’

    Byrne 4

    Never saw it. Huh, I could have sworn I’d seen more Gabriel Byrne movies. I guess when I saw this gif I thought it was Stigmata at first. He was in that one, right?

  • Gabriel Byrne in…’In Treatment’?

    Byrne 5

    That was the name of that show Gabriel Byrne was on, right? He played the psychiatrist who has sex with his patients? I think that’s the one he was in. It could have been Masters of Sex, but I don’t think so. Anyway, In Treatment is most likely where this comes from.

  • Gabriel Byrne in ‘The Usual Suspects’

    Byrne 6

    Whew, another one from The Usual Suspects. This one I know. Here’s the gif of Dean Keaton saying “Hand me the keys you fucking cocksucker.” (Easter Egg: The actors in this scene had a hard time not laughing, and much of those laughs are included in the final cut!)

    Okay, I admit it. I made this gif just because I was running out of quality Gabriel Byrne gifs to use. I know there’s not much action in it, but how was I to know I had seen so few of his films? I even searched for “Gabriel Byrne Vikings Gif” because I know he’s in that show and couldn’t find anything usable!

  • This is Ian McShane in ‘Deadwood’


    Fuck it.