Shane Dawson Comes Out as Bisexual

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  • YouTuber Shane Dawson has revealed that he identifies as bisexual in his latest video, saying he felt it could help people who are confused about bisexuality.

    “This is a really hard video for me to make, and I’m really scared,” he says in the 14-minute video. “Over the last year, I have been extremely sexually confused.”

    Dawson said always wished that he was 100% gay because then he would know who he was.

    “It would be a lot easier for me to be accepted by people, because I wear wigs and dresses on the internet, and I’m feminine… It would be so much easier to say ‘Yeah, I’m gay.'”

    He said he envied people like Ingrid Nilsen who came out as gay recently, because they were so confident in their videos. “It made me cry because I’m not that – I don’t know who I am 100%.”

    Friends and fans have responded with love and encouragement, starting a #WeLoveYouShane tag on Twitter to show their support.

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