Matt Schueller Launches “BooShoe Project” for “Count Me In” Charity

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  • YouTuber Matt Schueller is trying a new way to bring happiness to the internet with an Indiegogo campaign supporting a youth-led charity.

    “I started creating videos seven years ago for the purpose of making other people happy,” he says. “And now as my audience has grown, I’ve noticed that those who watch my videos have wanted to do the exact same thing.”

    The BooShoe Project aims to “take over the internet with positivity” by urging people to take the #HappyDanceChallenge, where they film themselves dancing with joy and post it to the internet.

    The challenge will also draw attention to an Indiegogo campaign for Count Me In, a charity that helps young people build social connections and get more involved in their communities. Among other benefits, this community building will help battle suicide by giving people a support network they can reach out to.

    To participate, post your #HappyDanceChallenge video with the hashtag #BooShoeProject and challenge three of your friends to do the same, while linking them to