Chris Pratt Hangs Out with his Wife, TV Wife & Movie Girlfriend

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  • Chris Pratt is just making out with all the hot girls these days.

    Actress Anna Faris had a handful of special guests on the latest episode of her podcast, “Anna Faris Is Unqualified.” She talked to her own husband, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza who played Chris’s wife on “Parks and Recreation,” and Jennifer Lawrence, who will soon be making out with Chris Pratt in the upcoming movie “Passengers.”

    Sidenote: have you ever seen a more delightful collection of celebrities ever? (Unless you’re one of those people who’s still really annoyed at Jennifer Lawrence, in which case never mind.)

    Pratt was delighted to be there, of course.

    “What other guy in the world could say that he’s on the phone with Anna my real wife, Aubrey my TV wife, and… Well, [Jennifer and I] are not married in this one.”

    The four of them discussed what it’s like to make out with each other, or other actors in general. “I feel like it’s only weird when other people think that it’s really weird,” Faris said. “Then I get nervous and I’m like, ‘Wait, am I supposed to feel like it’s more weird than it is?’”

    She also asked Plaza if she’d ever seen her husband’s balls. Apparently they’re incredible. Given the number of times Pratt ran around naked on “Parks and Recreation,” the answer is likely yes.

    Check out the whole podcast – Pratt and the others show up around 36:30.