Kanye Has Betrayed Us

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  • You stick with someone, because you know they’re good at heart. You stick with someone because you just don’t think they can articulate themselves well.

    Because you know they are good. Because you know that what they’re doing is changing the world for the better.

    You don’t want to abandon them because of 17 little letters. Because it could be a hack! It could be satire! Something has to…. I mean there’s got to be…


  • Cosby, you’ll remember, is facing a criminal charge of aggravated indecent assault after more than 50 women stepped forward and accused him of drugging and/or sexually assaulting them – women whom Kanye is now implying are all lying, if his tweet is to be taken seriously.

    We were hoping for a follow-up tweet claiming it was all a mistake or one of his friends stole his phone or something, but no, here’s what he tweeted next:

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  • He’s either ignoring Twitter freaking out over him for whatever reason, or he’s still oblivious. Or he’s on drugs. Or “it’s a social experiment.” Who the hell knows.

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  • Our host Anna Lore has more on this nonsense:

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