Wyclef Jean’s Reddit AMA Goes Horribly Wrong

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  • The fun thing about Reddit is that once you royally screw up, they never ever ever ever forget.

    Musician and producer Wyclef Jean found that out the hard way when he held an AMA to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fugees’ album “The Score” – and was immediately flooded with questions like “what’s the first thing you’re going to do when you go to hell?” and “What was a better detriment to Haitian culture, you or the earthquake?”

    Why are people still so angry at Wyclef? It has to do with that little matter of raising millions of dollars for earthquake relief after the 2011 disaster in Haiti – and allegedly spending some of it on himself:

    Yele reported taking in $2 million almost overnight in the wake of the 2010 earthquake that devastated the strife-torn country – but its heightened international profile led to questions about spotty bookkeeping and frequent payouts to members of Jean’s family.

    Yele shut down in 2012 after a forensic audit challenged foundation payments to Jean, his family and associates from the $16 million pot that the organization raised over seven years.

    Fun fact: $100,000 was allegedly given to his mistress at the time.

    Obviously Reddit users had no interest in asking him about anything else, and Wyclef had only this to say:

    “its so important that u understand that if u fully do real research u will understand that whenever u decide that u are going to do more then sing and dance u have to be ready for the lies that comes with it i have never stolen from my people i brought Haitian pride to my people and despite what they tried to do i am growing stronger everyday and will continue to do my part as i can see you are doing your part as well”

    But things only got worse from there, and Wyclef eventually deleted all of his answers and his entire Reddit account.

    So yeah, when you say “ask me anything,” be careful what you wish for.