T.J. Miller Loses His Mind While Eating Hot Wings During Interview Show

  • The hilarious and dangerous interview show, Hot Ones, had comedian T.J. Miller as a guest for their latest episode. The interview is set up so that host Sean Evans and his guest eat progressively spicy hot wings while he interviews them. With the scale starting with Sriracha and then progressing to some of the world’s hottest sauces, it’s hilarious to see where the interview goes.

    If the guest successfully eats all ten wings, their prize is a 30 second space to plug their upcoming projects. You can probably guess that the interviews are hilarious. Miller starts off psyched at the challenge and disses DJ Khaled for not being able to eat all the wings in a previous episode. As he progresses to the much spicier sauces, we can see him sweating and clearly affected by the hotness of the wings.

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  • It’s such a creative way to interview celebrities, if they’re brave enough for the challenge. In the beginning Miller is able to answer all questions about Silicon Valley, Deadpool, and Ryan Reynolds. When the sauces get higher on the Scoville Scale, the comedian is almost unable to continue. He throws water on his face, promises to vomit, and tells the host that he should cancel the show.

    While it seems to be an extremely challenging task, it’s a fun alternative to the traditional interviews that celebrities are always doing. To watch more in the Hot Ones series, click here.