Watch Steve Martin Burst Into Song on “The Tonight Show”

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  • Steve Martin appeared on the Tonight Show last night, and Jimmy Fallon seemed really excited about it – but from the looks of this musical number, Martin didn’t seem too into it.

    After failing to turn up on stage, he was shown in the green room sitting glumly on a couch. “I don’t want to do this show / I don’t want to do this show / I’ve got no more material / I don’t want to do this show,” he sang.

    He went on to sing that he used up all his stories in his 40s and now he’s 52 (sure he is) and has nothing left, how he hoped Fallon wouldn’t ask him about “that early affair with a man,” and how no-one cares about Fallon’s dumb stories about his wife and kids.

    Of course, this was all to promote his musical with Edie Brickell, Bright Star, currently in previews at the Cort Theatre in New York.

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