Watch Taylor Swift Rap Then Fall Off Treadmill In New Apple Music Ad

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  • Whether you love or hate Taylor Swift, you can’t not enjoy this new ad from Apple Music. Posted on Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram Friday morning, the video already has millions of views. We can see why. Swift shows how relatable and hilarious she is while rapping to Drake and Future’s hit, “Jumpman”.

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  • We’ve all been there. We all pretend like we can rap like Drake when we’re doing the cardio workout that we hate so much. We all get a little too hyped and sometimes even fall off our treadmill and face plant on the floor and then pretend like nothing happened and continue rapping.

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  • Taylor Swift makes it clear that even though she’s the 8th highest paid celebrity in the world, she’s still just like us. Congrats, Apple Music, you did a good job. You even made Drake laugh.

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