Maisie Williams Crashes Random Game of Thrones Viewing Party

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  • UCLA students got the surprise of a lifetime when Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams surprised them a series viewing party!

    Williams posted to Twitter asking UCLA students to loop her in on their Game of Thrones viewing parties. Selecting one lucky couple, Mark and Kate Patterson, Williams went out, bought snacks, and surprised the couple and their party!

    She also chronicled her entire journey via Instagram, so everyone else could share in the Patterson’s joy and in their jealousy of not having been chosen.

    Check out the full story below!

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  • Of course, Mark tweeted out his special thanks to Maisie for making his viewing party the best Game of Thrones viewing party ever!

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  • We don’t know if Williams plans on pulling any more stunts, but we hope she keeps surprising fans all season!