The Best and The Worst of the Met Gala 2016

  • I’m the first to admit that I am not a fashion expert, but seeing as the Met Gala is the event of the year, it was decided that a list of the best and worst should be created.Without further ado, let’s get started!

  • BEST – Beyonce

    Best   beyonce
  • Queen Bey has ruled every Met Gala she’s ever attending and this year is no exception. Donning a bead-covered latex dress, Beyonce looked stunning at the event. Also, only knowing this from fashion designer friends, Latex is absurdly difficult to work with, so Riccardo Tisci, I tip my hat to you sir. I tip my hat to Beyonce too because latex is also stiflingly hot (and doesn’t breathe, at all).

  • BEST – Taylor Swift

    Best   taylor swift
  • It’s pretty rare these days to see a poorly dressed Taylor Swift, and this dress is no exception. It’s the best use of an animal print I’ve ever seen (I always thought animal prints were pretty cheesy) and those boots, they’re the most badass part of this outfit. I super dig her dark lipstick against her super blonde hair too.


    Best   rita ora vera wang
  • Becky with the Blonde Hair or not, Rita Ora’s dress was not only true to this years theme (Manus Machina) it was just all around gorgeous. There were a lot of feathers this year, and I felt this was the best execution of that.

  • BEST – Idris Elba

    Best   idris elba
  • I don’t think there’s ever been a time Idris Elba didn’t exude style and class. His suit looks like a classic throwback and he looks marvelous in it. I especially like the coat tails (tail?) and the white bow tie looks fantastic.

  • BEST – Emma Watson

    Best   emma watson
  • There’s some form of disagreement on whether or not this dress is actually good, but I think it’s damn amazing. Emma Watson looks immaculate in her tuxedo dress and the shape of it is so lovely on her. I don’t care whether or not some people find it a little uninspired, I think it’s a great remix on the tux.


    Honorable mention   zoe saldana
  • I mentioned earlier that there were a lot of feathers and Zoe Saldana’s dress is another great example of their use. While the dress didn’t really fall well with the theme, it was still a prize to look on and it’s connection with nature makes it look stunning against the cold white marble.


    Honorable mention  zendaya
  • She might not be in theme but Zendaya looks like a formal badass in her dress. She reminds me of someone, possibly from the Martell family in Game of Thrones, and could easily be a high class citizen of Dorne.

  • HONORABLE MENTION – Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid

    Honorable mention   zayn malik  gigi hadid
  • Now here me out on this.

    Alone Zayn Malik would look ridiculous, and alone Gigi Hadid would look generic, but together they make quite the power couple. Their individual outfits compliment the other in a way that makes them look freaking awesome.

    So now we move onto… the weird stuff. Some of you may call the following edgy or a risk taken but to me the following outfits were terrible. Without further ado, here are the worst outfits and their dishonorable mentions.

  • WORST – Madonna

    Worst   madonna
  • I get that it’s been Madonna’s schtick to be “sexually edgy” since the 80’s, but this is just f*cking ridiculous. Be glad I didn’t include a photo of the outfit from the back which features straight up Madonna butt. The bit is old, so is Madonna, and I’m tired of it. You can be edgy and provocative without being trashy (See: Beyonce, or Lady Gaga), Madonna can’t seem to tell the difference and neither can the people who are praising her outfit.

  • WORST – Katy Perry

    Worst   katy perry
  • I’ll admit, I don’t completely hate this. My main issue with Katy Perry is that she appears to be ready for a first annual Hunger Games rather than the Met Gala. This is one of the rare moments where a dress crosses from being on theme to being a complete costume, and her hair and make up add to the costumed look of the evening.

  • WORST – Kim Kardashian

    Worst   kim kardashian
  • Like I mentioned above, Kim Kardashian’s outfit falls squarely into the costume category. The dress does her no favors either making her torso look short and almost on the edge of frumpy. The slicked back hair and neutral make up washes her face out and keeps her pretty indistinguishable.

  • WORST – Kanye West

    Worst   kanye west
  • Kanye West also suffers from the costume look, but he looks more like someone who tried throwing a costume together at the last minute cobbling together different outfits to fit the theme. He tops it off with bizarre blue contacts and a bedazzled jacket that makes his arms look disturbingly too long for his body.

  • WORST – Julie Macklowe

    Worst   julie macklowe
  • I have no words for this. It’s terrible. Who would willingly wear this outside, much less to a major fashion event? It’s like a rejected still-suit, or the 4th place winner in a pre-schooler’s robot outfit contest.


    Dishonorable mention   grimes
  • This gets on the dishonorable list because of how poorly put together this is,but I’ve been told this is the best Grimes has ever looked. You go, Grimes. You go.


    Dishonorable mention   demi lovato
  • There’s a lot going on with this outfit. From afar it looks cool, but when I zoomed in on the details I found myself hating every component, from the large silver sequins to the cartoonish yellow fringe. She looks like Disney princess knock-off.

  • DISHONORABLE MENTION – Solange Knowles

    Dishonorable mention   solange knowles
  • I’m pretty sure this outfit had the most jokes of the night. From being called a visual representation of her sister’s visual album, Lemonade to being compared to a knock-off Asian shop, the outfit didn’t hit well across the board. The odd shape does nothing for Solange, and the yellow thigh highs look super awkward.

    Well, that ends the study of Met Gala fashion for me. If you think I missed someone let us know in the comments down below!