Amy Schumer is Done with Fan Photos

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  • One fan has gone too far, and Amy is deciding to ban all fan photos because of it. This past weekend, Leslie Brewer tried taking a photo with the star when she was out jogging in Greenville, South Carolina. Schumer denied, but he was persistent, claiming that “it’s America and we paid for you.”

    On April 30th, the comedian posted a photo of Brewer to her Instagram account, explaining the incident.


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  • “This was in front of his daughter. I was saying stop and no. Great message to your kid. Yes, legally you are allowed to take a picture of me. But I was asking you to stop and saying no,” Schumer wrote. “I will not take picture with people anymore and it’s because of this dude in Greenville.”

    Yikes. As you can imagine, this ‘dude’ is getting a lot of hate.

    According to TMZ, Brewer is receiving terrifying threats, such as, “’If we see him we will jump him for you’ … and he claims another threatened to burn him and his wife and daughter.”

    Leslie is adamant that he stopped shooting the second Schumer shot him down. He even posted a video for proof. However, the comedian argues it is heavily edited and does not accurately portray their interaction.

    Later in the day, Amy wrote a more positive message on Twitter, giving fans some hope.


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  • Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s messing with this chick after that.