Adam Sandler Flies Out Doppleganger for “The Do-Over” Premiere

  • Roughly a month ago, Max Kessler noticed something really strange about Adam Sandler’s new movie, “The Do-Over.

    You see, the main character for The Do-Over happened to also be named Max Kessler, and the real Max Kessler happened to be Adam Sandler’s real-life doppleganger.

    So he did what any sane person would do. He posted to Reddit about this hilarious coincidence:

  • Kessler
  • Of course, the post blew up right away, and Adam Sandler himself commented, challenging Kessler to a sort-of funny face contest.

  • Sandler and max
  • And if it were anyone else, it would have ended there BUT Sandler took it one step further and invited Kessler to the premiere.

  • Invitiation
  • And so, Real Max Kessler and Fake Max Kessler met on the red carpet of the Do-Over premiere.

  • Premiere
  • For those who think this whole thing was an elaborate hoax, Kessler had this to say:

    “it is a genius idea and I would probably call bullshit if randomly saw this too. But, it is actually 100% coincidence and I’m still freaking out.

    Sometimes being a celebrity doppleganger has its perks!