Johnny Depp Pranks P!nk on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  • Even Celebrities Have Celebrity Crushes.

    Jimmy gave P!nk a surprise she was clearly not expecting when she appeared as a guest on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. After asking if she had ever met Johnny Depp before, her massive crush on the actor was quickly revealed (as well as her other crush on Michael Keaton). The only time she did meet him, her husband had to push her out of hiding first. From P!nk’s perspective, the conversation with Johnny “did not go well”.

    Kimmel quickly changed the subject. As they began talking about other things, Depp casually walked on stage surprising P!nk as well as the audience. The cheers from the crowd gave him away and P!nk’s face turned red when she saw him. She began laughing uncontrollably and couldn’t bring herself to make eye contact. It was clear that he didn’t have a microphone on him, which means this may have been quickly thrown together at the last minute.

    Depp greeted her with a hug and gave Kimmel a quick peck on the lips. Jimmy suggested she give P!nk a kiss as well, but the blushing singer was far too flustered. Depp then left as casually as he appeared.

    The only way the prank could’ve gone better is if Michael Keaton showed up too.