Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Bullied for Losing Weight

  • This is why it’s hard to be in the spotlight.

    If you don’t know who Ashley Graham is, she is the plus-sized model featured as the covergirl on the latest swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

    Like any other public figure, Graham received a mix of responses — 1. Praises for being confident in her larger than average build as a model, and 2. Body-shamers proclaiming her size as unhealthy. And now, there’s a new argument on the block…

    Graham’s recent uploads to Instagram (example below) showcase a new, skinnier physique & her followers are not having it. Some are even taking it as far as calling her a betrayer!

    First too big and now too small… can she ever win?

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  • The model was not going to let this slide under the radar, as she took to Snapchat with the message “I will not let others dictate what they think my body should look like for their own comfort, and neither should you.”

    Well said girl, well said.

    This story leaves us thinking and we think that above all else, be you. Because that’s what is most beYOUtiful. Also, how about shifting our focus to inner beauty for a change?

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