Seth Rogen Destroys Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle

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  • We all love Spike’s Lip Sync Battle. It has created epic feuds between celebrities that we never even knew we wanted. In fact, I’d even say it’s one of the most important shows on television right now. Fight me.

    But it’s important to remember where the late night lip sync battle began, and that is on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He challenged some big names to battles before Spike took on the mantle — Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emma Stone were two of the most memorable.

    And now he’s back, challenging Seth Rogen in a battle that cuts right to the heart.

    Not only does Rogen turn Fallon’s own in-house band, The Roots, against him, but he goes back to his own Canadian roots and pulls out Drake’s Hotline Bling. Is it possible to lose a battle with Hotline Bling? I’m not sure it is.

    Check it out for yourself and let us know how you think he did in the comments or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.