Britney Spears Gets Real in Carpool Karaoke

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  • Finally. After all this time. It’s the Carpool Karaoke we’ve all been waiting for and didn’t even know it.

    Britney Spears.

    Britney Spears has the pop career that won’t die. And that’s a good thing. The pinnacle of resilience in the midst of the rise of social media and an overhaul on what expectations of pop stars consist of, Brit is still around and still making music.

    To promote the release of her new album, Glory, Britney buckled in with James Corden to sing (okay, mostly lip sync) some of her most popular tunes. While she didn’t quite “just let go” as much as some of his guests, there were rays of personality shining through that we haven’t really seen from the pop diva for some time. Though most of the ride was upbeat and fun, things also took a sad turn when Britney offhandedly admitted she didn’t see herself every getting married again because she doesn’t believe in marriage anymore.

    Overall, the karaoke session is one that will make you laugh, make you a little bit sad, and make you ready to go listen to the whole back catalogue of Britney’s tunes we all have in our iTunes library if we’re being honest.

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