Demi Lovato Goes Undercover for Lyft

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  • What would you do if Demi Lovato was your Lyft driver?

    That’s the question posed by this installment of Undercover Lyft, with Lovato at the wheel, driving unsuspecting passengers around Denver, Colorado.

    Lovato hid her identity with sunglasses and a hat before picking up each passenger, and proceeded to quiz them about their knowledge of, well, her. A few times, she even prompts them to insult her, saying Selena Gomez is way more talented before her passenger agrees with her. While the highlight of the video is definitely the reveals strung back to back, a close second is when she gets one major Demi Lovato fan to sing along to Camp Rock songs with her.

    At the end of it all, she takes photos with everyone (and gets an embarrassed apology from the girl who went along with all her put downs), and it’s another Undercover Lyft success story.

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