Some Scumbag Literally Picked Up Gigi Hadid Outside a Fashion Show

  • Supermodel and fashion icon Gigi Hadid was leaving a Max Mara show in Milan with her sister Bella when she was attacked by a smiling stranger who thought he had every right to just pick her up off the ground. Unsurprisingly, isn’t the first time pranksters have taken a joke too far for, in their minds at least, public amusement.

    The man is suspected to be Ukrainian “prankster” (read: sociopath)

    Vitalii Sediuk, who has accosted multiple celebrities in the past. His Wikipedia page is literally just a list of celebrities he’s accosted, in case you feel like getting angry today.

    Gigi responded by kicking and yelling at her attacker, and security had to hold her back from retaliating after he put her down. She tweeted about the attack, saying she had every right to fight back, and people all over the internet agree with her.

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  • Straight up, Gigi. Don’t let no man hold you down. Or pick you up. See for yourself in the video below.

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