This Might Be the Funniest “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” Yet

  • Ryangosling
  • Doesn’t ever get old, does it? Something about watching famous people talk smack about themselves is just so gratifying.

    This time, the group included the likes of Paul Rudd, Kate Hudson, Zach Efron, Wanda Sykes and Ryan Gosling. What a group!

    In case you haven’t been keeping track at home, this is video #10 in the Mean Tweets saga. Kimmel also does specialized segments, like country music, movies, and NBA for those sports people. He even did a segment with popular YouTube creators.

    The videos are literally just celebrities reading verbally abusive Tweets about themselves. Sometimes they make fun, sometimes they deadpan, but we always think it’s hilarious. For the record, Kimmel always prefaces the segments suggesting that we think before we tweet, because he’s super thoughtful.

    Here’s the original video from the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel:

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  • I really hope Jimmy doesn’t stop this series anytime soon, it’s just toooooooo good.

    Who do you want on Mean Tweets? Do you have a category you want picked? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.