Shia LaBeouf’s Live-Streamed Wedding May Not Have Been Legit

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  • Shia LaBeouf has had a pretty wild last few years. There was his hitchhike across America. There was the time he got arrested on Broadway. And, of course, his legendary motivational rant. But his latest appearance in the headlines has many of us confused: was this a declaration of everlasting love, or more performance art?

    LaBeouf reportedly got married over the weekend. The former Transformers star and partner Mia Goth eloped to Vegas. Unfortunately, it may not have been legit: the official Twitter account for Clark County, Nevada (where Vegas is located) has said they have no record of a marriage license for the pair.

    LaBeouf has pulled plenty of weird stunts. He had the #takemeanywhere campaign, which ended this June, in which he tagged along with people to wherever they were going after getting picked up. He’s had his “I’m Not Famous Anymore” phase.

    But it was nice knowing that LaBeouf had found happiness again. Like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift, though LaBeouf has gone through some tough times, it seems the internet will always be on his side.

    So far, neither LaBeouf nor Goth have declared this to be performance art. But neither really speaks to the media anyways, and neither have official Twitter accounts.

    What was the intention of live-streaming their ceremony? According to Clark County’s Twitter, this was a “commitment ceremony,” not a marriage. Maybe LaBeouf and Goth just don’t want to be legally married?

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