The TODAY Show Exploits Corey Feldman (Again)

  • That is a golden parka if I’ve ever seen one.

  • You might remember Corey Feldman’s viral “Go 4 It” performance on TODAY not too long ago. Well this morning, he and his band Corey’s Angels encored with his song “Take A Stand”, a call to action against bullying. And boy did he leave an impression, again. To watch the full video, watch here.

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  • The former 80’s child star (think The Goonies, Stand By Me) talked briefly about being bullied after his last appearance on TODAY. Feldman received a lot of criticism, and he said some of the comments about his art made him cry. This morning, he said that he’s here to stay as a musician, and is dedicated to spreading “peace and love”. Unfortunately, he dropped an American flag on the ground during his performance, which didn’t really sit well with some people.

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  • And this guy had some suspicions about why Feldman was asked to come back.

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  • Regardless of your opinions about his performance, it’s clear that Corey Feldman just wants to spread love and positivity. In an open letter, Feldman writes:

    “I, artist! As an artist, I bare my heart and soul for my love of creating art. Art is, after all, a form of personal self-expression. Through my art, I express my tears, my joy, my pain, my sorrows. I spread love with my messages of hope for tomorrow.”

    He just wants to spread love, guys! Which is why it’s a bit upsetting that the TODAY show clearly doesn’t take him seriously, and is pretty much making fun of him by having him on air. His “Go 4 It” performance broke the Internet, and TODAY simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get that much traffic a second time. This isn’t Dinner for Schmucks!

    Just a thought… but maybe bringing Corey Feldman back on the show was an easy distraction from the Billy Bush drama?

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