Bill Murray Had a Pretty Great Weekend, Making Us Love Him Even More

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  • Bill Murray is everyone’s favorite. Just favorite. Doesn’t matter what. The answer to the question “what is your favorite color” is Bill Murray. Always. This weekend, he’s been all over, including at the White House covering the Cubs.

    In just the past couple of days, he’s seen the Cubs go to the World Series. He’s been given the Mark Twain Prize, the biggest award in comedy. Although if you asked him, the die-hard Cubs fan might say the World Series is bigger. And for good reason, it’s the first that the Cubs have been to since 1945.

    According to the Washington Post, Murray accepted his award this week at the Kennedy Center in front of an adoring crowd.

    You can watch a snippet from his acceptance speech below:

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  • Murray said during the speech:

    ”My theme tonight is what is it like to be beloved. It’s hard to listen to all those people be nice to you. You just get so suspicious.”

    Murray continued:

    ”As much as I have dreaded this, I really have to come back to this idea: there’s love. There’s love.”

    Presenters for Murray’s award included: David Letterman, Ivan Reitman, Jimmy Kimmel, Miley Cyrus, Emma Stone, country-blues singer Rhiannon Gideons, Jane Curtin, Sigourney Weaver, Aziz Ansari, Laraine Newman, Roy Blount Jr., Paul Shaffer, Bill Hader, Bill’s brother Brian Doyle Murray, and Steve Martin.

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