Jay Z Holds Star-Studded Concert for Hillary Clinton

  • The past couple of months have seen a lot of celebrity endorsements in the realm of politics. While some well known names have simply encouraged us to exercise our right to vote (i.e., Katy Perry, top YouTube creators), others have been extremely clear about which candidates they do or do not support.

    In Cleveland, Clinton was lucky enough to have Jay Z throw together a pretty impressive line-up of musicians to show support for her campaign. While it has been speculated that Jay Z has been slow to support Clinton, Beyonce has always stood with the Democratic nominee.

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  • From the line-up, the concert looked like it was nothing short of amazing. The night featured performances from Jay Z, Beyonce, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper, and more.

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  • While there was no specific mention of Republican nominee, Donald Trump, one artist still managed to squeeze him into his performance. While on stage, Big Sean asked the crowd to put their middle fingers up, and I highly doubt the gesture was meant for Hillary.

    I wouldn’t go feeling bad for Trump, however. The Republican nominee was holding his own rally in Pennsylvania at the time of the concert and continuously kept bragging that he didn’t need the support of stars like J. Lo or Jay Z to fill up arenas.

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  • We’re certainly glad you feel that way, Mr. Trump. I don’t think J. Lo or Jay Z would want to help you either way.

    The overall theme of the night was to get the younger demographic to exercise their right to vote. While each performer emphasized the importance of electing a female president, Beyonce felt especially devoted to Hillary’s campaign, stating that she wants her daughter to see a woman lead this country.

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  • Are you going to be voting this upcoming Election Day? What did you think of this star-studded rally? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!