BuzzFeed Made DNCE Let Their Twitter Followers Decide Their Day

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  • DNCE is perhaps most well-known for songs like “Cake by the Ocean”, “Toothbrush”, and “Body Moves” (that’s the one with the crazy sexy video). Joe Jonas is their front man, and they’ve made some pretty catchy pop songs. Keith from BuzzFeed, perhaps best-known for being one of the Try Guys, somehow convinced DNCE to let Twitter make their decisions. Like how Twitter decides holidays now.

    The DNCE day is pretty packed. First, they get coffee and let their Twitter followers make the decision of what to do with it. Then, they drive to Madison Square Garden and let their Twitter followers make their decisions. Meet the Knicks dancers and let Twitter decide what to do. Food at the Knicks game? Twitter.

    The options are all very controlled. The DNCE crew is going to have fun either way. I wouldn’t mind letting Twitter decide my day if that’s what’s going to happen. No, let’s go extreme with it. One safe option and the rest just the most insane. What should I do today? Option One: Sleep in. Option Two: Leave the city I’m living in. Option 3: Switch career paths. That’s fun.

    What do you think? Would you let Twitter make your decisions? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.