Shaq Chats About Monster Products, Kissing Noel Lee, And His Favorite Tech at #SamsungCES 2014

  • Shaquille O’Neal joins Shira Lazar, Ethan Newberry and Andre Meadows to discuss his favorite tech at CES 2014 and why size really does matter at the Samsung Smart Lounge.

    Shaq gives a shout out to Andre’s online persona, “BlackNerd,” by saying, “I’ve always been a Black Nerd, I’m a big geek.” While he’s incredibly excited to see new technology, specifically, he’s at CES 2014 to promote his new speakers product with Monster.

    But he takes to the time to geek out about Samsung’s new bendable screens, and their huge TVs which are big enough even forhis massive crib.

    While we’re at it, here are some little known facts about the NBA legend: he has 5 degrees, he’s a geek (ok, we know that one), and he’s actually really shy. Until it comes to Noel Lee, CEO of Monster, who he kissed at his conference the day before. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…” Shaq says.

    Well, thanks for stopping by with us in Vegas, Shaq! See you on the social nets!