Mark Cuban Geeks Out About Samsung Ultra HD and The Revolutionary Second Screen 2.0 #SamsungCES 2014

  • Mark Cuban chats with Shira Lazar at the Samsung Smart Lounge at CES in Vegas about his Samsung panel, the progression of technology and all of the cool Samsung products!

    Did someone say Samsung Note 3? Aside from geeking out about his handheld device, Mark Cuban is also spreading the love for Samsung’s pioneering moves in Ultra HD tech, high definition TVs, and second screen 2.0.

    He points out that second screen 1.0 had everyone responding to what they saw on TV. “But what’s changing now is that your phone is getting far more integrated with your Smart TV, and so you’ll be able to send a clip of a show while you’re watching it, and just tweet that directly.”

    He also notes that desktops won’t be the home bases of tech anymore, but rather smart phones will be. “The phone is becoming a hub for all of these other devices,” such as wearable, fitness, sensors, etc. “That’s where all the growth and cool stuff is coming from.”

    And now that he has a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, anything is possible!