SoldierKnowsBest Shares His Predictions For Wearable Tech and 4K TVs at #SamsungCES 2014

  • Mark Watson aka SoldierKnowsBest gives Shira Lazar, Ethan Newberry, and Andre Meadows the scoop on the top tech trends from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

    His big prediction for this year in tech is all about the 4K TVs. “I think the 4K is really starting to come down to the consumer level,” he says. “We see content starting to come down. We see TV prizes, camera prices starting to come down.”

    As for trends, he’s all about wearable technology. “They’ve already taken over my life,” he notes. “I’ve got the Galaxy Gear right here.”

    He’s also excited about Samsung’s upcoming and updated Galaxy camera, along with the ability to upload pictures directly to Facebook and Instagram from his phone.

    For now, he’s looking forward to picking up one of those 4K TVs!