Freddie Wong Predicts 2014 Online Video Trends And New Camera Technology

  • Freddie Wong joins Shira lazar, Ethan Newberry and Andre Meadows in the Samsung Smart Lounge to talk about how camera technology is changing the game of online media, and his own hit “Video Game High School” web series.

    “It’s this weird sort of time right now where the camera that you have in your phone is better than any camera you had access to 5 years ago, 10 years ago,” he says. “All the tools are there. It’s up to the people using the tools to make anything worthwhile from it.”

    He actually shot his “Sandcastle Sensai” music video entirely on the S3 phone. “You just had to stabilize it. It’s not visibly different than anything else that we do.”

    In terms of where he sees online video heading this year, Freddie says, “You’re starting to see a lot of these shows that you can produce pretty easily … like daily vlogs, gaming … that’s continuing. But I’m interested to see where things that go beyond that go.” He continues, “If you want to do content that requires a little more production, a little more budget, where does that live and how do you support yourself on it? Because advertising is not quite there yet on the online side. It’ll be interesting to see. I think that’s where the future is.”

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