Rawn Erickson Takes the Saltine, Chubby Bunny, and Toilet Paper Challenges

  • The always colorful and exciting Rawn Erickson makes his stop to the What’s Trending studio to compete in three popular YouTube challenges with Shira Lazar: saltine, chubby bunny, and toilet paper.

    Considering Rawn just released his 200th YouTube video and is responsible for the viral Maker Studios Harlem Shake video, which pretty much launched the whole craze, we figured he’d be up for tackling these little tests.

    First, we get down to some real talk about the meme widely known as Harlem Shake. “I think it’s pretty stupid,” Rawn admits. “But it’s also really fun. In this world where we feel so separated, it’s one of the few things where we’re kind of like, we can be a worldwide community for a change.” He adds, “We have to bond together with the most inane stuff.”

    Rawn also believes that Baauer (the man who created the Harlem Shake song) and his Mad Decent label handled the viral blowout in an awesome way and “really showed a very futuristic perspective.” They called the big video makers who were using the song and asked them to add the original link to their descriptions. And it paid off. The song is #1 on the Billboard charts, with Billboard now taking YouTube views into account with their statistics.

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