Atlas Genius Talks Making Of “Trojans” Video and Imagine Dragons Tour at SXSW 2013

  • Brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery of Australian indie rock band Atlas Genius stop by the John Lennon Educational Tour bus at SXSW 2013 to talk about what inspired the song, “Trojans,” building a home studio, and embarking on their North American tour.

    In the middle of touring with Imagine Dragons, the band’s popular “Trojans” music video recently hit 1 million views. The song actually got mixed reactions from their friends, but the video seems to have gained an impressive amount of traction.

    “The reference is the Trojan Horse and that it gets in under the radar,” lead vocalist, Keith says. “It’s people that you may not even realize will completely change the you way you think.”

    They also record in their own home studio. “We thought it would take us two months, maybe ten grand,” Keith says of building the studio, “but it cost us two years and 200 grand, but hey we got a studio in the end.”

    Check out their U.S. tour, coming this summer!

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