Neil Hopkins and Brea Grant Chat with Kevin Pereira About Their “Detour” Movie and Indie Filmmaking

  • Neil Hopkins and Brea Grant stop by the What’s Trending studio to talk with guest host Kevin Pereira of the now sadly defunct “Attack of The Show” about the high risk and high rewards of indie filmmaking with their new thriller movie, “Detour,” which hits theaters and VOD on March 29.

    As a friend of the screenwriter and longtime supporter of the project, Hopkins was thrilled when the movie went into production. Also, from an actor’s standpoint, he says, “It’s the role of a lifetime,” noting how raw and gritty the role and filming experience was altogether.

    Hopkins also reveals that the scenes in which his character was trapped in a car were shot over a three week period, and all completed in sequence. “That made it more real in terms of character arc and it’s also something that you really don’t get to do very often,” Hopkins says.

    Enter Brea Grant, who portrays the love interest of Hopkins’ character and therefore the motivating factor that propels him to get through the process of being trapped in isolation. While Grant’s scenes were made to look as if they were filmed on a cell phone camera, Hopkins notes that he actually shot them himself on a flip cam.

    Outside of this exciting film, Grant also directed and starred in a movie called “Best Friends Forever,” which will be available on VOD this summer. And Hopkins shows off his funny side in his “Neil & John” web series on Funny or Die and YouTube.

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