“Cupcake Wars” Host and Magic Master Justin Willman Shows Off Card Tricks and Coke Can Illusions

  • Comedian, magician and “Cupcake Wars” host Justin Willman stops by What’s Trending to take fan questions and show Ethan Newberry and Bree Essrig some crazy magic tricks!

    Though he’s well-known for hosting delicious dessert competition shows, Justin tells us that he’s been doing magic since he was 12 years old. After he was bitten by “the magic bug,” he started doing magic at kids’ birthday parties and using the skill to work his way through college.

    “When I was a kid I used to say Vegas was the dream,” he says, but then he realized it would be crappy to live there. “Right now, I’m really fortunate that I get to tour around the country and do my tricked out tour and I do a one man show.” Get tickets for his tour now!

    In terms of combining his passions for magic and hosting, Justin says, “I think, ideally in the end, I’ll find a perfect medium where I can do hosting and comedy and do magic at the same time.”

    “Cupcake Wars” fans and general cupcake fanatics might be interested to know that he keeps a fork in his pocket while hosting so he can try the baked good, but he does get sick of them. “I can stare at 20 a day and not need to eat them. But when the judges say it’s awesome I have to take a bite.”

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