Kassem G Goes Deep With Shira Lazar at VidCon 2013

  • Kassem G likes to talk about sex on his own channel, so it’s only natural it would come to dominate his VidCon 2013 conversation with Shira Lazar as well. Hear him describe how he books porn stars on his series “Going Deep” (hint: it involves borderline harassment!)

    As well, go behind-the-scenes as Kassem walks us through how hours of footage turns into the hit man-on-the-street show “California On.” Finally, watch as Kassem works his manly charms on an unsuspecting nearby cosplayer, roping her in to joining the interview and, most likely, a whirlwind night of romance she won’t soon forget.

    So, how does Kassem come up with awesome ideas for his series of “California On” interviews? “It’s pretty much me looking at the comments of the last one, and finding one that I haven’t done before, and then completely forgetting that idea and doing something about sex,” he says. “I got so many problems. A lot of issues that I work out on camera, and they’re all sex-related. A lot of mommy issues.”

    Then, he hits Venice Beach and starts rolling the cameras. “I’ll have an hour’s worth of footage that’s edited down to three minutes – if I’m lucky,” he says. And sometimes, he hits up the convention centers at the year’s biggest pop culture events. “I have to, because women dress way better there.”

    Then, of course, Kassem got his YouTube channel booming by interviewing porn stars in his “Goes Deep” series. Shira wants to know if there’s any star he’s always wanted to get on the show, but hasn’t gotten yet. “Yes, but I think we just booked her,” he’s happy to relay. “I think it was a lot of pestering, a lot of emails.”

    He says of the success of the show, “There’s a few porn stars out there that figured out that YouTube was a place for them to make videos with clothes on.” He adds, “A lot of questions that they’re asked are questions they don’t normally have to answer.”

    As long as he sticks with his tried and true motto and method of filmmaking, it’ll all continue to work out: “My way is just making people feel uncomfortable, because the more uncomfortable they feel, the more comfortable I feel.”

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