Timothy DeLaGhetto Shares His “Fresh Prince” Philosophy And Freestyle Raps His Way Through VidCon 2013

  • Timothy DeLaGhetto takes a break from cranking out YouTube videos, starring on MTV2’s “Wild N’ Out” and flipping the industry upside-down to chat with Shira Lazar on the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center at VidCon 2013.

    “YouTube is the perfect example of people taking their fate into their own hands,” Tim says. “Forget everybody that never gave you a chance and forget everything you thought you had to do. This us us […] flipping the industry upside down.”

    “I felt like it was something I’d been working towards for a long time,” he says of being on “Wild N’ Out.” “After doing it for years and years, and building up my own audience, I was able to use that exposure to get me a gig on TV. And I just felt like all my years of work were kind of validated.”

    But he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is without his idol. “I base my life on something I call the Fresh Prince Format,” he says. “I kind of feel like ‘The Fresh Prince’ raised me, so I’ve been trying to do everything that Will Smith did – music, TV, movies.” His YouTube name, DeLaGhetto, is actually from an episode of the classic ’90s sitcom! Tim says that Will joins a poetry club to meet girls and he makes up a name called Raphael DeLaGhetto.

    Obviously, the most important information we can glean from Tim is how Nick Cannon smells. And he’s fully prepared to tell us. “Nick Cannon smells amazing. He smells like roses and pot pourri and freshly baked cupcakes,” he says. “He’s a good dude. I appreciate him giving me the opportunity and putting me on like that.”

    So, what’s next for the DeLaGhetto channels? “More skits for sure. I’m working on new music, and I’m just trying to take things to the next level.”

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