DJ Flula Debuts His Shark Week Freestyle Rap at VidCon 2013

  • Flula has had a huge year making music and dancing with dope humans, and now he’s having his first big VidCon experience at the What’s Trending booth. Hear him freestyle along with the mediocre beatboxing of host Shira Lazar, and reminisce about his favorite auto-tune collaborators. DANCE!

    Enjoy some of Flula’s musings below:

    “Seven days of sharks?! Is it just the same videos with new editing and like new man making talk underneath? ‘Here comes the shark again. Look it is a shark. Guess what? Last year it was a shark, but now we reverse it. It is a shark. Shark shark shark.'”

    “We eat three times in a day. Hello? We don’t have Eat Week!”

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